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2015 guide 840 473 Hanna

Sommer fishing for pike in lake Glenstrup near Randers.

I'm offering guided tours in a specially crafted Anderson Pontoon boat. Experience the beautiful scenery of the Gudenåen River, Mariager Fjord, Randers Fjord or the coast of Djursland in a relaxing, rewarding and entirely new way!

I will show you the hotspots 

Imagine yourself drifting down the Gudenåen River, all you have to do is cast yours fly above the location of the pike that I will point out to you. As your guide I will keep the boat in the best position in relation to fishing spots and the wind and offer helpful advice on casting.

Or how about a trip on the fjord or on the coast, where I will make sure that you're always in the best casting and catching position? The most comfortable way to go fishing, no slippery rocks or mud – you just focus on catching fish!

The raft is equiped with all safety features including an inflatable life jacket for you!

I also arrange photo and adventure tours.

Feel free to contact me for further information or a chat on the planning of your dream tour.


Daily Rates for 2015/2016:

- Full Day (8 hours) One Angler (ONE ON ONE) DKR. 2.000 / EUR  270,00

- Half Day (4 hours) One Angler (ONE ON ONE) DKR. 1.000 / EUR 135,00

2015 guide 840 473 Michael

Time for lunch!

Guided Tours – our Booking and Cancellation Policy

After your booking I will notify you if weather or water conditions require cancellation or rescheduling. In this case we will reschedule or you will have a full refund. Trips shortened prior to the arrangement due to inclement weather are subject to a partial refund.

Book your next successful fishing experience  via email on: Denne e-mail adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.  (Of course - questions also accepted)

What to Bring on the Tour

 - A valid angling license.  It is the responsibility of the angler to purchase his/her own licence. Contact the Fishing Licence System

- Sunscreen

- Polarized Sunglasses

- Hat

- Raingear

- Appropriate seasonal clothing. Denmark is known for sudden and/or extreme weather changes and conditions. Please come prepared. Dress in layers.

- Waders and/or wading boots. 

- Fishing gear and Flyes. Contakt me for recommendation.

We offer

- Seatrout fishing from pontoon boat (Anderson Pontoon)

- Pike Fishing from pontoon boat (Anderson Pontoon)

- Flyfishing from pontoon boat - instruction

Shore fishing only trips are available, upon request.


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Summertrout in Mariager Fjord 

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